Gurpreet Sawhney

Gurpreet Sawhney, MBA, MSc, is a professional engineer with 25 years of experience in the oil industry.  As a reservoir simulation expert, he has evaluated numerous oil and gas fields worldwide and has designed and implemented many enhanced oil recovery projects.    As the President & CEO of the Canadian public junior oil company, Strategic Oil and Gas, he raised $400 MM and developed the company’s key asset into a top tier play’s in Canada and put it on the path of commercial development. At Strategic, Gurpreet was instrumental in finding one of Canada’s largest onshore carbonate reservoirs with over 4 billion barrels of light oil in place. Gurpreet made multiple deals to acquire oil and gas properties, facilities and built pipelines to connect this asset to the market.  Under his leadership, Strategic was able to reduce drill times, well cost and operating costs while significantly improving the performance of the horizontal wells in the Muskeg asset.

 Gurpreet began his career at Pancandian Petroleum Ltd. working mainly in the center of excellence.  He was involved in various enhanced oil recovery projects while being a key member of the team that developed and implemented the largest CO2 flood in Canada – in the Weyburn oil field. Following this, Gurpreet founded Reservoir Modelling & Management Ltd. and provided integrated reservoir characterization, reservoir simulation and EOR services to various domestic and international clients.  He is currently helping clients with modelling multi-stage fractures in unconventional reservoirs and evaluating EOR strategies to maximizing oil recovery in an unconventional reservoir.


Ian Smith

Ian Smith is a Professional Petrophysicist with over 25 years of experience in domestic and international venues, from both operational and project perspectives. Specializing in the complete integration of core/core and core/log data, and correlation of near wellbore log evaluations with geologic models through “deterministic” and “probabalistic” means. Additional areas of focus include; 1/wireline and DST fluid recoveries and pressures to assist in fluid typing, reservoir continuity, and fluid contact depth determination, and 2/ electrical and acoustic borehole image interpretations to identify stratigraphic and textural changes within the reservoir that affect petrophysical parameters. 




Neil Dawson 
Neil Dawson is a Professional Geologist registered in Alberta and Saskatchewan with 35 years varied experience. He has worked successfully in exploration play assessment and prospect generation, through field development and exploiting unconventional resources.His experience includes Canada and international regional and prospect specific exploration, to unconventional and conventional new venture activities. He has been active in field development mapping, 3D modelling and drilling.




Oscar Skold

With more than 20 years experience in 3D modelling, Mr. Skold has worked on hundreds of projects, predominantly in Petrel and specializes in 3D model building, structural, petrophysical (including probabilistic and uncertainty analysis), reserves estimates, well planning and simulation grid design.
Furthermore, Mr. Skold is responsible for Petrel Workflow Tools’ first commercial releases and the marketing success it received, being high level technical advisor for Schlumberger’s Consulting Services group in Calgary.