Douglas Wright

Year End Reserves

·         Assess the available data to ensure that all the relevant data is being presented to the third-party reserve evaluators. Perform detailed analysis on operating costs (fixed and variable splits), pricing offsets, shrinkage factors, liquid yields and recoveries to ensure that these factors are all properly reflected in the reserve and/or resource reports
·         Pre-evaluate the year end reserves to develop an internal assessment and expectation. By entering into discussions with the third-party evaluators with this knowledge, work with the third-party evaluator to ensure maximum reserve bookings.
·         Work with Reserve Committees and financial auditors to get final sign off on reserves.
·         Assist in the preparation of year-end disclosure and the Annual Information Form (AIF).

Acquisition/Disposition Analysis

·         Conduct a review of the current asset base to assess its strengths and weaknesses, which assets hold the future for the company (Acquire more) and which assets are holding it back (Disposition Candidates).
·         Help identify target acquisitions (Asset or Corporate) and/or potential asset swaps.
·         Incorporate the acquired assets into the corporate reserves database to allow for consolidated roll ups for future presentations and reporting.
·         Review corporate LMR to ensure all wells and facilities are properly reflected in the LLR database.

Budgets and Planning

·         Work with the company to leverage the prior year’s Reserve Report as a starting point for the current budget cycle. Work to build flexible models to quickly evaluate scenarios and their impact on cash flows, debt levels, earnings etc.
·         Help to prepare corporate presentations for investors and public disclosure.

 Asset/Corporate Modelling

·         Develop stochastic and/or deterministic models to assess exploration or new venture opportunities.
·         Help identify key risks and develop strategies to minimize those risks.