Geophysical Services

ResModMan offers a wide range of subsurface expertise and experience that can be applied at any point in the life of a reservoir, from exploration to production.
Our geoscientists include interpreters as geophysicists, geologists and petrophysicists.

  • Seismic Modeling
  • Volume Rendering
  • Fast Mapping and Scaled Plotting
  • Structural Modelling
  • Depth Conversion
  • Seismic Visualization and Interpretation
  • Import of large SEG-Y data volumes
  • Cropping utilities for reducing cube size
  • 3D interpretation on in-cross- and random-lines
  • Interpretation on 2D seismic lines
  • Visualization of seismic data on well intersection fence
  • Generation of seismic attributes
  • Manual interpretation or autotracking of reflectors
  • Visualize seismic data, surfaces and fault planes together
  • Slice and render through all data at any angle and direction for QC
  • Accurate fault modeling and surface generation
  • Attach a seismic volume to a grid
  • Create seismic attribute maps